Excellent point Hervey and thank you for taking this concept to one level deeper. Great insights!

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Sep 19, 2022·edited Sep 19, 2022Liked by Rob Galbraith

Thank you for another thought-provoking article, Rob.

I definitely see the connection between technology and power. Broadly speaking, and this is only scratching the surface, new technology tends to remove frictional forces that are impediments to activities such as communication, energy production and transmission, industrial output, etc. and allows us to do more with less effort.

Today, a lot of advances in technology target information/data - generating it, storing it, moving it, translating it, making decisions with it. There is tremendous power that comes with information, and for example in the business sector technology the way companies acquire new customers through more precise targeted marketing. There is tremendous power (and $$$) in being able to control the content people consume, and now a few players dominate that arena currently and like you mentioned are now doing everything they can to maintain their control.

This goes beyond information, of course. Winners/losers can be a little hard to predict and determine. Staying with information/content, there were plenty of now forgotten social networks before Facebook came around. Many have tried electric vehicles before Elon Musk.

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