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Nice article, Rob. I do think lack of driver education and riskier behavior / distracted driving could explain some of the trend I think there are some other important variables to consider. Two came to mind reading your article: (1) vehicle size and weight and (2) medical inflation. Vehicles today are obscenely big and heavy. 4000lb car moving at 50mph has a lot more potential energy (severity) than a 2000lb. Car weights have been increasing steadily which would explain more severity. Medical inflation has also been increasing steadily - I'd be interested to see the III chart adjusted for med inflation.

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Great point on both fronts Tom. So many moving pieces! I intentionally showed BI vs. first party coverages such as Collision and Comprehensive that can be affected by deductibles but medical inflation is definitely a driver (and I always thought there was an Obamacare impact that I always struggled to quantify as well).

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