What can I expect from Forestview?

Today’s world moves fast and changes at an accelerating pace. Traditional methods of keeping up with relevant trends that impact your high-level business strategy and direction are not keeping up with the task. Most sources of information are superficial, while others that are deeper require you to devote time that you don’t have to make sense of it and place it in the proper context. Worse, we’ve all become acutely aware over the past decade about the problem of disinformation and how difficult it is to find reliable information sources that are not directly tied to advertising or part of a sales funnel.

The purpose of Forestview is to provide high-level information about key trends and how these developments may impact your future. Forestview is not news and not a dissertation; rather, it is a digital newsletter that presents information that’s easily digestible and allows you the reader to reflect upon it. Take a few minutes during your busy day, perhaps over coffee or tea, to carve out a small space for reading and reflection to see the larger picture - the forest view - as opposed to the trees that dominate your day-to-day.

Our business model

There are 6 guiding principles that drive Forestview:

Independent - our content is the product itself; there is no advertising or upselling

Purposeful - our content is not sensational and not looking for clicks or “eyeballs”

Curated - our content provide synthesis of multiple sources that goes beyond headlines and is not opinion driven or designed to provoke outrage

Digestible - our content is easy to quickly consume and is focused on the “big picture” - the broad trends and insights that affect your business

Thought-provoking - our content invites reflection, sharing, and discussion with others to stimulate original thinking and applying concepts to your specific situation

Future-oriented - our content helps you navigate what’s ahead in our uncertain world

How to access Forestview

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Finally, thank you for your time! We know there are so many information sources available and do not take for granted the privileged space that is a reader’s attention span.

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Providing digestible insights on current trends to better prepare you for an uncertain future


Rob Galbraith is the founder of Forestview Insights, a digital content firm that provides key insights about current trends to help customers prepare for the future. Previously, Rob spent 25 years in financial services and wrote a bestselling book.