Being honest about your weaknesses can provide clarity for future decisions
When considering threats, look for "actors and factors" that could force changes
Find a balance between planning and serendipity to maximize your potential
Developing a process to distinguish trends from fads and avoid future missteps
Taking time to formulate a coherent narrative helps avoid expensive "pet projects"
Count on chaos and plan how to capitalize in a world of accelerating change

December 2022

How to avoid the "gate agent problem" while avoiding groupthink & false expertise
Domain expertise is critical to success, but seeing the big picture is fundamental
Best Buy's Totaltech offering seeks to create a lasting bond with customers
Top individual contributors often don't make great leaders. So why do we still promote them at the expense of others?

November 2022

Recent surveys by global communications firm Edelman show how trust is shifting
Rising interest rates are putting a rapid end to a 'golden era' of tech utopians