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The benefits and limitations of being an expert

How to be both a specialist and generalist

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Why finding great leaders is still hard

Who do you trust? Businesses and influencers

The end of an era for cheap tech-enabled lives

A tough week for trust and technology

The lunar landing and the power of 'deepfakes'

Learning how to speak machine in today's world

AI and ethics: a delicate and continual dance

The 4 waves of AI and battle for chip supremacy

AI provides a new look at old problems

Can AI be a force for good in insurance?

Can you "futureproof" your life?

Working for the machine in medicine

Applying for college in a data-driven world

Let's meet in the metaverse

The dizzying pace of social change

The return of F2F2F2F2F2 interactions

Technology, society and power

Machines and the illusion of knowledge

Blockchain, bots, and broken trust

Work experience and Amazon Echo

Where machines and people merge

Cat memes and corporate culture

Assessing skill vs. will

What to do after the first 90 days

Bad culture and "blame pie"

Rowing in the wrong direction is OK

The importance of the "job journey"

Corporate culture and misaligned metrics

Fine tuning first impressions

Changing corporate culture in a complex world

Build on small success to achieve bigger wins

5 quick tips on successful innovation

New York City and the art of reinvention

The race to capture tacit knowledge

"The Founders" and finding success in innovation (Part 2)

"The Founders" and finding success in innovation (Part 1)

Are you playing offense or defense?

Rethinking the right way to do business

Tackling the "gate agent" problem

8 takeaways from 2 days in the Valley

California dreamin'

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We need the future of auto insurance today

Statistics, systems and stories

All narratives are wrong, but some are useful

5 reasons that limit innovation in insurance

Golf pros and the Great Resignation

Elon Musk, Twitter, and the need for AI literacy

Mo problems, mo money?

Why the Barnes & Noble shopping experience won't cut it in the future

Three initial thoughts on innovation

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